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As a private practice, the staff at Schirra Chiropractic Center in Gibsonia has the experience and equipment to help you with your health issues. If you are suffering from acute body ache or chronic medical condition, get in touch with us immediately. Call us today for your FREE consultation. We'll be happy to help you ease your pain.

We love happy patients. See what our patients have to say about us.
For as long as I can remember, I have had pain in my back and right side. I finally got relief after just 4 visits to Dr. Schirra. Now I just need help with pain intermittently (only about 2 times a year). It's good to feel pain-free so much of the time. Thank you Dr. Schirra.

- Ruth R (patient for 3 years)

Dr. Schirra is a wonderful Chiropractor. I go for monthly "tune-ups," but if I fall or injure a hip or my neck, he squeezes me in and fixes the problem. He's helped me with shoulder bursitis, TMJ, knees knocked out of line and lower back pain. I came to him with constant headaches, now I only get a headache if I'm sick with a sinus problem.

- Rise K. (patient for 19 years)

I’ve always had lower back problems and have a low degree of scoliosis. Being a hygienist and having 3 children aggravated my lower back. Dr. Schirra always fits me into his busy schedule. It's great to have a doctor you can count on whenever you need him.

- Lisa S. (patient since 1999)

From being actively involved in sports since I was a little girl, I started to have back and neck problems. This ranged from just general soreness to severe pain at times. I started seeing Dr. Schirra when I was a freshman in High School. Right away I started feeling relief. Any time I need to see him, he always gets me into his busy schedule right away. What's even better is that most times, I feel all better just after one visit.

- Gina G. (patient for 9 years)

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